Weekly Thoughts – Series 5

“A leader fights with his men, a boss sits down and watches.” This thought got summoned when I was watching Season 4 Episode 7 to 9 of Star Wars Clone Wars. Really, I got heated up by emotion when I watched these episodes. These episodes was about The Republic Forces (ally force) who attacked a […]

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Weekly Thoughts – Series 4

“Solidarity can be a deadly loyalty.” My relatives often talk about solidarity, friendship, togetherness and all kind of stuffs related to those. Especially during hard times. Thou, not all of them could dig the chest of what was this solidarity means. And, really. I am being honest here. I didn’t know either, but I often link […]

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Weekly Thoughts – Series 3

“Your passion is your playground.” Everyone has a passion, regardless they aware of it or not everyone has at least one. Passion is something we love, something we cultivate and something we achieve. Imagine a life without passion. You do… nothing. Yeah, nothing exactly. Well, you are breathing, seeing, hearing. Argh! Nothing special. Just an average normie […]

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