Weekly Thoughts – Series 13

“Go right, safe, go left, safe. Go to the middle and you will be crushed like a grape.” -Mr. Miyagi Doubtfulness is terrifying. It is terrifying to pick a choice. It can be difficult only to say “yes” or “no”. It can be difficult to pick A or B. When in doubt, sometimes we over […]

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Weekly Thoughts – Series 12

“Miyagi also had parents. Anger won’t bring them back.” -Mr. Miyagi For those who born in the 60s, 70s till 90s, I’m sure you are familiar with our favorite karate grandfather. Mr. Miyagi. Old karate master with countless wisdom. There are so many quotes of him, I choose this one to be featured on my […]

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On The Verge of College

So here I am. Became a college boy. Well, fortunately, I assigned to the best university ever! Thank you God and mom for this! Yeah yah, college is crucial, very crucial. It’s been four days since I begun my stay in a this adequate boarding house and been three days since my college started. Both […]

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