Weekly Thoughts Series 18

“In the moment of distress, relax and take a deep breath.” In this second of my lifetime, both of my emotion and obstacles seem have united like two galaxies meet each other. The boiling emotion mixed with meteor showers formed one ferocious force that gives me a huge distress every second. My life is a […]

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Weekly Thoughts Series 17

“Retreating to comfort zone in a middle of struggle could be disastrous.” Learning from another story of my life. Over the last few days, I successfully survived rough, hard and crazy moments. It was just a small portion of life that visited me. The big is yet to come. And since last Saturday, my brain […]

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Quick Life Update

My activity on blogging and promoting has been down lately, mainly because college begins to kick in. Well, this is just the very beginning. I never realize a month of college has become such a crazy hard work! All the craziness and adversities has colored my lifetime and they are keep coming. Well, shit don’t […]

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Weekly Thoughts Series 16

Okay, I don’t have to retype the quote by Socrates above, alright? I mean, it is for the sake of effectiveness and simplicity! Oh, and sure you can caught me stealing this from Brainy Quote but, that’s not the case. Besides, I don’t want pull myself deep into an internet robbery I didn’t even commit. […]

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Weekly Thoughts Series 15

Sometimes the most effective approach to solve one problem is to introspecting ourselves and observing the external value.  There’s a never-ending cycle of problems in the life of everyone in this world. We can’t stop that cycle, but we can overcome and fix each jam that hardened our life till we retire, or dead. Sources […]

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