Meeting inside my head.

Friend: “I don’t know how you do it man, but, you never seem to follow our way on making decisions.”

Me: “I never did.”

My mind: “Your mindset is suck ass stupid!”

Friend: “I believe, that your kind has their own way on…”

Me: “Yes, yes I do. And I believe you want to know some.” I delivered a smug impression.

Friend: “… Well yeah, maybe you are smarter than you look.”

My mind: “Smart!? Hmph! I’m clever and you should pick your words carefully.”

Me: “Well, to put it simply, I have my yin yang side both in heart and mind to help me out.”

Friend: “Yin yang? Like, your light and dark side?”

Me: “Yes.”

Friend: “How is that possible?” He slightly tilted his head.

Me: “I call them, and we arrange a meeting. Simple, we argue with our own perspective until finally we meet up in a point where we can make one sense out of it.”

Friend: “Eh? What the?”

Me: “See, I told you. No one can understand my mind. Only the Mastermind can, and that Mastermind is me.”

Meanwhile… On the other day…

My Yin: “Inglorious Bastards! If we pick the worse scenario, we will take our performance at high risk!” And so he shouted while banging the table.

My Yang: “Y..yin! Calm down, m..maybe you have a better idea?”

Me: “Honestly, I never liked your perspective until I discovered a flaw in it so I can fix it personally.” I sighed. “Why am I even here in the first place…”

Via: Daily Prompt


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