How to be attractive in the most simple way

What is the first thought that pass through your mind when you hear, or read the word “attractive”? A magnet? A hot girl? A tuff muscled man? Circus attraction, or something beyond those because your mind processes the word in a whole different way?

To me, being attractive doesn’t always mean to become manly or sexually hot, or to pull the attention of a crush. But it is obvious, that “attractive” means to attract someone, or something. And the most simple way to gain attention and pull people’s eyes on you is not by working out or initiating a routine or goal to “magnetify” your appearance.

Although it sounds a terrific idea to magnetify ourselves if we have the desire to be attractive (to the extreme level). So without further ado, let’s head on to the main course.

Be W.E.I.R.D

Ya know what weird stands for? Wonderful, Exciting, Interesting, Real, Different. Thanks to 8Dict for the inspiration, lol.

That’s all you need to attract people’s attention. It may not sound as simple as it sounds. So, how to be weird exactly? What’s so special about it? Lemme share you my perspective why being weird is awesome!


First of all, picture this in your head, a gray village. Where everyone always wore gray shirt and pants, even their houses were painted in grey. Grey society, they also stored almost exactly the same mindset, same job, some routine, same everything! It was all grey! Until one day one of them chose to change, starting by changing his uniform color, his routine, then his occupation and finally his mindset. He became “the orange one”. The grey gave him that nickname and everyone pulled their eyes on him.

A businessman from outside of town one day visited them. The businessman noticed nothing special until the orange one appeared and proved him one amazing skill he could do. He finally accomplished one wonderful history, he left the village to become a professional entrepreneur in a big world.

Ya see? While the rest is rowing on a same river over and over, why not choose to be a separatist when there’s a fork up ahead? Ya will never know what wonders you’ll discover, type your very own life story and the world shall know your name.


What is so exciting about weird? Well, because it is like one fantastic parade! I mean, a city or town could use a parade or two. But, what is the exciting part of it and what’s the connection with city?

It’s like this, everyday people do their chores, job, day to day activities and average occasion like shopping. The more people do that, the more boring their life will be. Someone should safe the day!

So that’s why a parade was made. There are plenty of annual parade on countries where everyone gets entertained and have fun. When people noticed something new and out of the scope of their daily life, they will react, and in some eyes, they found it exciting.

To bring excitement to the viewers, it doesn’t always have to be a parade, with spark of creativity, you can bring new invention to impress the society.


How to give a great impression? Be interesting! It doesn’t always have to start by appearance it can start by an idea, a saying, an activity which you are excel at, etc.

If we want to talk about appearance, drive a Lamborghini in a middle of “average cars traffic”. The pedestrians probably would start a photo competition to take picture of your car before the light goes green.

How about sayings? Well, in my life, people my age, hence, teenagers, loved to speak out loud romantic quotes and start a lovey dovey conversation about their ex or new relationship. Bleh, they never got bored of it. Ironically, they couldn’t apply their quotes, sayings and advise they gave to each other in their own life. That’s just useless.

So, to blend in with them, without removing who I really am, I invented my own sayings, by brutalizing my words to make it stand out. Here is a comparison:

Normal saying: “It doesn’t matter that you left me, as long as you are happy with someone new.”

Interesting saying: “It doesn’t matter that you left me, one day, the person you used to know will be the one who stab through your heart.”

Okay, that is dark, and creepy. The moment they noticed my sayings, they gave me a complete different respond. Of course! That’s something beyond their imagination, and unconsciously, they found it interesting. In a creepy way of course. The point of this, is to stand out in the crowd.


Once you have the bravery to apply those essences above, time to get real.

Real means not faking yourself. You stay true to yourself, you express yourself honestly and be truly committed to what you are doing. You do it with all your heart, you are not holding back what your craziness tell you.

Of course the ultimate purpose of being weird is not to stand out or get attention and be different than anyone else around, but it is very effective.


The last, but very important. Be different. Being yourself while everyone else around is similar to you is simply nothing special. Be someone better! Be different! Just like giving a great impression, appearance is not the number one issue.

One example if being different is this: Your boss gave his employees a task to create a typography. The media was their choice. You know all the employees were made an agreement to create them using A4 paper as the media. Oh yeah, they didn’t invite you to join them. Now it’s your chance! You created a typography on digital media and printed it.

When you presented your final work, the boss noticed that you crave the most different representation of all employees. And you got promoted. It is not simple as it sounds, but it is possible.

Now that you have noticed that weird can come in many different forms. Now it’s your turn to form your very own style of weirdness. Remember to be weird for a good purpose.


13 thoughts on “How to be attractive in the most simple way

  1. This was a fantastic post. Thank you so much for writing it! I know that being real has proven benefits. I also do my best to be interested, rather than interesting. I think that’s one of the keys to attracting people.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how you explained what every acronym means for you. Very thought provoking and informative post! Thank you for sharing.


  3. I have always liked people that were a bit weird and less ordinary. I think your acronym works really well and the tips you gave for each are spot on!


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