Victorious low profile

If you ever wonder
Why my mouth is like a thunder
Though my emotion shines like summer
You shouldn’t know I’m a midnight hunter
To the girls, I am winsome
In my mom’s eyes, I am handsome
The curious would pay a ransom
To investigate my dome
My achievement is winsome
In the sight of the champion

But, trust me homie
What you thought, about me
Was just the jungle entrance
Tell yourself that I am catchy
Don’t fool yourself, but don’t act with no brain
Beneath my sunshine there’s a raging rain
Yes, I hid a mountain of pain
A garden of disappointment and grief
Every corner there is one thief
Don’t fuck with me, I’m a masterpiece
I created myself, destroyed myself, back to start
But I never lose against myself
You know why?
Because I am WINsome

Via; Daily Prompt: Winsome

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