Dojo Kun, 5 karate affirmations to apply in everyday life

Karate, a martial art originated from Ryuku Kingdom of Okinawa, isn’t only about developing a body of steel, fighting fearlessly, taking advantage of it to get whatever you desire and becoming a tuff individual. It is more than that.

Master Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan Karate, gave birth of this affirmation with the name Dojo Kun. A verbal affirmation recited by every students before and after training. The purpose of the Dojo Kun is to remind all of the students in the dojo, regardless their belt rank, physical, mental and spiritual growth that they enjoy during karate training, must also applied beyond the dojo.

Whether you practice karate or not, or you practice different martial art, applying these principles will be an invaluable guides, reminders and motivation. There are 5 principles.

Seek Perfection of Character

In order to face every obstacles, solve incoming problems and overcome unexpected situation wisely, a strong and formidable character is required. To build it, a consistent, discipline and rigorous training must be done.

Developing a growth mindset, committing good habits, live healthy and be humble are some aspects to do to achieve the best character you can be.

Be Faithful

Have faith to those who are older and experienced than you. Parents, teachers, grandparents, strangers and even ancestors. They are treasure chests filled with invaluable lessons and guidance. You just need to open your heart, be open minded and listen.

Don’t forget to have faith in yourself. Believe you have the capability to achieve all your aspirations, targets and dreams, just like everyone else.


To endeavor means complete dedication and commitment necessary to achieve mastery of the art. To be victorious, we have to combat in every battle. Instant reward never existed. It is a struggle everyday, but you gotta hold on. Be strong. Effort, commitment, faith and prayer what it takes to become a success.

Knowledge is also a great weapon. If you have the ability to create something esthetically beautiful, but have no purpose on creating it and no idea why, then your effort left in vain. You should know the basic and the purpose of why something is created, and why you create, or do something.

Respect Others

Respect, respect is important. Everyone should nurture and grow a good etiquette. In karate, every activity starts and ends with a bow. Meet with your master, training, sparring, fighting, entering and leaving the dojo, everything. Respect is an important Japanese and Okinawan culture.

Show respect to everyone, don’t judge who they are. Let it be your friends, parents, boss, teachers, strangers, everyone. Show a polite etiquette and impression.

Refrain From Violent Behavior

It’s about controlling yourself. It is unfair for a trained and powerful fighter to threaten someone weaker. Karate is for self defense only, not for evil deeds. It is much wiser to avoid conflict, it is better to walk away from all the bullshit and negativity.

A person who can control himself remains in peace, both physically and mentally.

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