The effectiveness of “waiting for the right moment”

When you are in a battlefield, striking blindly toward the enemy post which covered with mines and machine gun fire is stupid. To win a battle, a strategy must involved. When you are in a hospital, or clinic, you have the obligation to wait until the doctor calls you. I mean, busting through the doctor’s door while they are still taking care of other patient will reveal that you got no etiquette and patience.

In this time, and I mean in this modern era, a lot of people wanted to get what they desire so badly like they deserve it. People want to rush it, they all are racing to hold onto their treasure. Take the story of my friends as an example.

A few months after she graduated from high school, her parents insisted her to get married, meanwhile, she was still 18! What worried me about this tragedy was her future. A little sneak peak to the society around me, when a parent finally taken their child or children up to the wedding stage, regardless how old they were, or what degree, skills, rewards and other important aspects in life they had, the “mission accomplished” satisfaction finally fulfilled. The parents didn’t care if their child had skills or not to make a living.

Life isn’t about wedding and done. There’s much more circumstances to take care of beyond that! I have heard many couples experienced the same tragedy. And their life seemed ruined.

That’s the problem with us, we rush things, we want a hell bunch of shit and we want it right fuckin now. Like we all forgot that it takes 15-30 minutes for a pizza to be fully cooked. We hate waiting, as it seems like the time is running out and the Armageddon is just one inch from Earth. We all need to wait, wait for the correct time, the right moment, the proper period to do everything.

If you are searching for encouragement or motivation to help how and when to start on something, most of them, would tell you to start right now, because the start line is in front of you. Believe me, I once read an article about it.

Well, to me, I prefer not to just stop reading and start running from the start line. There are probably much more knowledge to discover before starting so you won’t stumble and fall and give up. So, when to start at the right moment, exactly? Well, the question is not when, but how to be aware when your time has come.

Examine your life

You gotta be considerate about your position in your life. We all want to achieve something and do something beyond our boring routine. We all do. Let’s say you want to earn extra cash, acknowledging yourself as an artist, you can start by offering commission. However, it’ll take more time to be sacrificed. On the other hand, currently you are focusing on stabilizing your mental health due to overtime work you did weeks ago. So you gotta get more rest and nutrition. You know that if you start a commission, you will break apart your long process on restoring your mental health because you will active through the night finishing commission. So what to do?

Be wise. Don’t go too hard, the moment when your mental is finally stable, that is your turn to start earning extra cash. Focus on one long term goal at a time, accomplish it step by step.

Know that time isn’t yours, mine or theirs. It is ours.

We got 24 to live everyday. Yes yes I know, it won’t be enough to get all the frickin job done in one day. The sad truth is, our job and tasks will never stop flowing, at least until we hit retirement. Even if you are smart and skilled enough to manage your time, there are days when the day itself doesn’t seem to cooperate with you. At some days, our eyes and ears notice an event where, let’s say your co-worker received a promotion while you’re stuck and can’t go anywhere. The last achievement you received was winning a bicycle race in the first position, and it was four years ago.

This left us disappointed with ourselves. Thus, it is about time for us to start accept time is ours. Which means, there are times for you to be victorious, and there are times for you to watch those who finally reached the peak of a mountain. We all live in our own path, because if we all are, when you are victorious then everybody else is.

Low your temper

It isn’t rare to anyone when their friends invited them to venture, start a business or go for a vacation, the temper to accept them quickly surfacing from our deepest heart. Subconsciously, we actually feel urged, if we decline their invitation, it won’t be long before we feel guilty again. Unless, you are a soloist. Temper can be so deceiving. Just because we are interested in something, it doesn’t mean volunteering to it is an obligation.


Time is limited, it even more limited to those who can’t manage it. I know we all had some opportunities or chances to start something, and second chance don’t come twice. Some may have taken and some rejected. Still, it is wiser for everyone to not rush every opportunities, desires, wants or anything. Live your life step by step, day by day, year by year and the time will come, but don’t be afraid to unleash extra effort so you can reach the finish line faster.


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