A guide to start routine, short and long term goals

Routine, is a constantly repeated activities, it contains the value of consistency. I bet some of you have heard or seen something related to routine around your friends or family. If not, congratulations, your circle is pretty much the same as mine, but not 100% if you haven’t started any routine, yet! What is the benefit of routine, exactly? And what’s up with the short and long term goals kind of thing?

If you have the want, or desire to achieve the most unimaginable award in this world, you gotta start from the scratch and begin a commitment to consistently improve yourself, and your life. I’ve begun short term goals (daily goals) since 15, but started a clear routine since 17, so, what does that mean?

When I was 15, I got inspired by the successful figures around the world. Their story and life were so intriguing that I started to copy their habits and rituals. So I started daily goals. It was a list of goals I must achieve everyday, which I wrote the night before. After I called it a day, I wrote down the day evaluation. Simple as that! For two years I did that till I noticed a flaw, my goals were lacking a bunch of crucial options and upgrades! They were strategy, schedule, self evaluation, and performance graph. I begun to create my own schedule, but my schedule only work effectively during day off and holiday since my entire day were under control a ridiculous vocational high school. Let me tell you this: having someone else to control your time is miserably awful!

Now let’s get down to business!

Step 1: Examine your day.

What does “examine” means? To check if there’s a bomber spying on you? Not clearly, – but go ahead and do that if you want to – it means to determine which activity you should be doing at the exact moment.

For example: I found it enjoyable to do 20 minutes workout in the morning and brood before drawing till 1 PM.

The example up there isn’t so detailed but simplified. The goal is to find the “joy”, “enjoy” and “comfort” of doing an activity in the exact moment. That way, you’ll do your thing effectively, work smart! Don’t be afraid to experiment for a week or two before you settle your routine. Write your results to track and save your progress.

Step 2: Create your schedule

Pour down your schedule inside a book. It doesn’t have to be a fancy binder or stylized book. Don’t judge book by its cover, since day one I used school books and I can bought it almost everywhere! In side street shop I could buy one piece, in bookstore, I had to buy one pack which usually contained ten books. I compared with a price of one fancy binder and guess which one is cheaper?

Yes, the school books.

Anyway, doesn’t matter about your writing style, as long it is clear that what you are writing is your schedule.

Want another example? Here’s my Schedule Mark 1 :

5 AM: Wake up, pray and breakfast
6:10 AM: Take a bath
6:35 AM: Stretch out my damn body and work out
7:00 AM: Relax and brood
7:20 AM: Do first goalz, break every 90 minutes for 20 minutes
00:00 PM: Long term break, take nap if headache strikes back
01:00 PM: Do second goalz
03:00 PM: Leisure time, nigga!
06:30 PM: Do third and fourth goalz
08:00 PM: Call it a day, write today evaluation
09:30 PM: Go to sleep for God’s sake!

Please don’t copy my schedule, it is just an example. Moving on…

Step 3: Set daily goals

My favorite part! It is quintessential because this is what is all about! I personally set my goals the night before, but if you prefer to start the day by writing the goals first, that’s clearly fine!

Here, take a look at my, fresh example, I divide my goalz into divisions:

Workout Goalz:

  • Do two sets of my usual workout in the morning
  • Storm the hood with my bicycle or do another workout in the afternoon

Art Goalz:

  • Practice watercolor
  • Ask for criticism

Blog Goalz:

  • Share an article to social media

Religious Goalz:

  • Memorize one surah
  • Read Qur’an

Why do I write Goalz instead of goals? Because writing style! Start creating your own!

Step 4: Set long term goals

Long term goals are simply goals, or aspirations you want to achieve, which requires a loooong time process. A week, a month, a year, heck, even a century. Personally, I write monthly goals on a piece of paper, and stick it on my bedroom wall. So everyday, I woke up and looked at those goals so I won’t lost track. Monthly goals are achieved through small steps, those small steps are my daily goals. So they are linked to each other.


Goalz to achieve in February 2018:

  • Enhance my goddamn muscle
  • Produce at least 10 artworks
  • Get 200 Twitter followers
  • Start a new journey, with my bicycle! Create a new mileage!
  • Be a better karateka

Final Step: DO IT!

Creating a routine means constantly improving yourself. Now that I have guided you, it’s time to walk by yourself. You can do it. DO IT! JUST DO IT! This is your way to be pyrrhic, make your future so efflorescence and inspire millions of people!

So, what do ya think?

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