A couple of reasons why you should be taking day off from your routine regularly

Admit it. We all have routine. Let it be boring or not, getting really bored of it is a general circumstance of reality. Routine isn’t always something you personally create for yourself, it can be your job, responsibilities, activities, the list goes on.

Sure, routine is one great thing to cultivate the art of consistency in your blood, but keep doing it (the same routine) over and over shall automatically either shape that routine into your whole life or transform it into a comfort zone. You know nothing is going on in the that zone.

Routine teaches us to become systematic, like a robot. That’s why we, as a humans, have to be aware that routine isn’t always the key. We deserve to live free, my folks! Freedom is our choice in this scenario!

So, for the sake of it, there are times you need to give yourself a chance to get some day off. Here are a couple of reasons why…

Routine drains you

And also builds you. Like a building, it needs a strong foundation, bricks, wall, cement, blablabla. But it also takes time for those wet materials to blend in and dry with other materials. If you forced those materials to blend earlier than it could while also building the second floor while the stairs isn’t even created yet, you made a terribly stupid move.

The next time you feel drained, and I mean really drained and feel like your stuffs aren’t worth doing, then you should give time for your effort to speak for itself, and for you! Take your routine aside from the table for some days and serve yourself something different!

Routine kills

Well, this one is worst than the first one, and it’s true. Remember that I mentioned that routine can transformed into a comfort zone? Oh. Oh! Remember I told you that nothing is going on in the comfort zone? Well, that’s another form to spell… Comfort zone is killing you.

Even if you’re forced to do a routine that you hate/don’t like, the final result is still the same. Routine kills you. I mean, if you live your whole life by doing the same thing over and over, your life is flat! And a flat life is like a flat heart rate.

And you know what flat heart indicates…

It is boring. And yes it is!

What trembling yet fantastic story will you tell to your children, friends or even the world if what you do everyday is wake up in the morning only to smell and taste the coffee before going to work with a transportation, meet your coworker, boss, do your assignment with another coffee and go home as scheduled only to receive the same value of paycheck every month?

But my coworker is awesome! Oh how I wished I married her instead Maria! She’s a bi…

Stop. Make it stop.

It’s so boring, ya know that? Nobody wants to hear bout your willingness to cheat and initiate a plan to divorce. No one care about your personal story! Heck, if you were the author of your own biography, would you consider to modify your original life story to another Star Wars fanfiction? Yes or not, I still don’t care. Nobody will too anyway.

Routine is boring! Well, the more you do it, it gets boring. So refresh and rejuvenate yourself, talk to a stranger or a wall, have fun with your friends or a balloon, ask for a caricature or nudes. The choice is yours.

Routine automatically build your own system

Previously I mentioned, routine teaches us to become systematic. And once we are systematic, we have our own system. Our own way, our own code.

Like a program, if one code is wrong, the program might crash and burn or unable to continue the operation. We as humans, shouldn’t imitate that way. We need plan b ya know? Plan b!

On the other side, it is a great way to keep you on the same track till you reach your goal, but once you’ve reached the goal and want to achieve a fresh new target, you can’t expect to achieve it with the same old method, it can be fearful to start a new routine, taking some day off and refreshment will help you with that.

Taking day off help you broaden your view

Forget being systematic. Let go the A-B-C 1-2-3 way of thinking. Time to get random! Think and do outside the box!

Do you know that you can use two pens as chopsticks?

Thinking systematic let us know that a pen and a marker are two different objects, sure it sounds rational. Still, we can get more creative by cultivate a different system that our routine doesn’t have.


Routine is important, and, well, everyone have it. Almost everyone. But it is necessarily important to break free out if it once in a while for a period.

How long is the period?

You gotta ask yourself for that. It depends on your situation. Sometimes you need a week of holiday, a day full of leisure, a month of disappearance, the list goes on.


So, what do ya think?

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