Why you shouldn’t just set up plan A but also plan B in your daily activities

We all familiar with the term plan b, and understand what it stands for. When your primary plan doesn’t do shit, you switch to plan b. It’s like switching lane or taking a shortcut when you are on the road.

Why not apply it to your entire life? Which includes your routine, goals, plans and effectively everything?

Let me tell you this… Our plans aren’t perfect. Your past plans, ongoing plans and those you will create in the future, none of them guarantee a perfectly 100% success. It is ineffective to stick ourselves based on the same plan all the time. What if a giant monster is responsible for a traffic jam which makes you late to accomplish your goal? What if suddenly you have the only chance to get a 80% off ticket to visit that one place you’ve been eager to travel?

Even though creating an alternative for ourselves can be quite tricky and dreadful most of the times, it worth to give yourself a go. You might learn something and become an expert event organizer!

Ya see my fellas, I learned that, if you don’t create an emergency, or back up plan, it is similar like forcing yourself to climb through fallen rocks that block your way while keeping the expectation to arrive in time, and ignoring the second path which is nice and clear. Oh yeah, the second path is located just a few meters beside the blocked path.

Your routine won’t always work 100% the same like the first successful day you did it. The flow of life always change and give you different results, it is best not to force yourself do the same boring routine over and over again when there is a ton of disadvantages on your shoulders.

If you can speed up the process of creating or doing something by applying a different method, then take that path!

Hard workers do, smart workers hack, hard and smart workers do both, effectively.

At some point plan b will seem like a cheat sheet. You shouldn’t feel bad because you cheated the process. If you can cheat life the way life cheats you, why not?

So, what do ya think?

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