Victorious low profile

If you ever wonder Why my mouth is like a thunder Though my emotion shines like summer You shouldn’t know I’m a midnight hunter To the girls, I am winsome In my mom’s eyes, I am handsome The curious would pay a ransom To investigate my dome My achievement is winsome In the sight of […]

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He is viable

Inside a colony of normies There is this one living harmony An individual, he won’t stop Though, he hit brakes near a detour Viable, he is unstoppable With a heart of a fighter Stomps obstacles like a monster He is rare Tricky to be followed, no one dare He is a gold Maturate in a […]

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Teacher’s Responsibility

The biggest challenge and responsibility for a teacher is his reservation to his students. What teacher gives, students reserve. “There’s no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. What teacher says, student do.” -Mr. Miyagi Via: Daily Prompt

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