Person Behind The Blog


Hello world! My name is Rafi Nandi. I’m Indonesian so greetings from Southeast Asia!  Call me whatever you want, just be polite and creative! Every new nickname is appreciated, but my people usually call me Rafi. A young hustler on a karate gi in a society of normality. A gold in the middle of rocks. Okay that was pretty confident.

I started this blog on a purpose; to inspire and motivate people while also show off my portfolio. I’m an artist and hobbyist graphic designer. I just love to draw, play with colors and thinking outside the box. Experimenting with words had become my new… ehm. Passion. Right now I am 18 years old, so I am old enough to watch that restricted contents! I’m not an adult however, I’m just a big child!

Study Visual Communication Design on Indraprasta University and still in freshman year! I hope my college won’t disrupt me from blogging and daily routine (does college even worth it to finish?).

This is blog is personal, but like I told you people, to inspire and motivate! This is a treasure chest full of life guides you will need.

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